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Andy Donnelly Head Beekeeper


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Virgin Queens

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5 Frame Nat Nucleus

Langs 5 Frame Nucleus


Kieler Mating Hive

Rapid Feeder

Virgin Queen Bee

National Open Mesh Floor

2 x 4 Pint Rapid Feeders

(Ideal for effective spring, summer or winter feeding)

This is one of the most popular methods of effectively feeding your bees. Its advantages include:

Takes up to 4 pints of feed at a time.

Transparent cup allows you to see if bees are feeding.

The feeder can quickly and easily be refilled without disturbing your colony.

Little or no fatalities through drowning due to correct aperture and ridges in the cone for grip.

Fits under many roofs on existing crown board breather/feeder holes.

Measures 21.5 cm wide and 8.5 cm deep

Rapid Feeder 4 pint/2.25Ltr x 2

£14 includes postage

Rapid Feeder 4 pint/2.25Ltr x 4

£24 includes postage

Rapid Feeders

Tel Andy 07787758033

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