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Virgin Queen Bee Hatching Home to Bowland Bees

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Andy Donnelly Head Beekeeper


Mated Queens

Virgin Queens

Colony of bees

5 Frame Nucleus

Langs 5 frame Nucleus


Kieler Mating Hive

Rapid Feeder

Ready end July


Image to come


Full colony of bees in a national cedar hive with a marked and laying queen, with brood in all stages.

The hive will consist of a new Open Mesh Floor, Brood Chamber, 11 Frames, Cover board and roof.

They will NOT be supplied with Supers or a Queen Excluder.

These bees are locally bred from our own apiaries which have been overwintered to assure a proven, well established colony.

Price £450

Virgin Queen Bee

National Colony of Bees for sale

Colony of Bees for sale

Taking orders now for 2019 Limited Stock

Ready end July

Colony of british bees plus sealed brood, eggs, larvae, stores and British Bowland local Queen.

In a brand new National Hive

Made from home grown Cedar from sustainable forests.


Open mesh floor with inspection tray

Brood body with 11 DN4 Hoffman frames on metal runners with British standard deep wired foundation

Dummy board

Plastic queen excluder

Two supers each with 10 SN1 frames complete with British standard shallow wired foundation on 10 slot castellated frame spacers.


4" roof.

These bees are good tempered and as they are born in the U.K. are best suited to our climate


Ready to collect honey

Tel Andy 07787758033

All orders need to be paid in full Look on CONTACT US page for info

WBC Colony of Bees for sale

5 Frame Nucleus of Bees

WBC Colony of Bees for sale

Open Mesh Floor & inspection tray complete on a stand

Lift & Porch

Lifts x 2

Gabled Roof

Entrance Slides (Per Pair)

Crown Board including Porter Bee escapes

Brood Chamber with 11 x DN4 Frames with foundation

Slotted Steel Queen Excluder

2 Supers with 10 slot castellated frame spacers

10 x SN1 Frames in each super with foundation

Tel Andy 07787758033

All orders need to be paid in full Look on CONTACT US page for info

Collect price £650

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