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Andy Donnelly Head Beekeeper

LOCAL HONEY (raw honey)

Local Honey 340g Jar

Local Honey 227g Jar

Soft Set Honey 340g Jar

Soft Set Honey 227g Jar

Chunk Honey 227g Jar

Almonds Honey 227g Jar

Walnuts Honey 227g Jar

Pure Honey Comb

Squeeze Bear

Honey Dipper/Server

Local Honey # Specials #


Pure English Beeswax

Teddy And Pillow Beeswax Candle

Wedding Cake Beeswax Candle

Rope Beeswax Candle

Ballon Beeswax Candle

Chunky Beeswax Candle

Sitting Dog Beeswax Candle


English Pollen

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Lancashire Honey

Virgin Queen Bee


Welcome to Lancashire Local Honey Pot

View our Honey products to the left

All our honey is raw honey- untreated

*Always looking for farmers and landowners to site hives.*

If you find a Honey bee swarm ring us we will remove it for free 50 mile radius of Preston Lancashire

Tel Andy 07787758033

Pay by *Cheque, Paypal or *Postal Order

* Once Chq/PO cleared then goods will be released *

E- mail Andy at donnellyandy@aol.com

Help save our British Bees

We also take payments over the phone

Payments taken over the phone between 6pm - 8pm 6 days a week


Local Honey

4 x 340g Jars Local Honey £38.00 Includes P & P

Local Honey

4 x 227g Jars Local Honey £26.00 Includes P & P

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